Make your course globally and easily accessible; use Moodle Learning Management System

Moodle is the world's most used learning management system (LMS). With 68 million users and 55,000 moodle sites deployed worldwide, Moodle has proven to be the best eLearning platform that serves the teaching, learning and training needs of people from all types of organizations. It is  flexible, user-friendly, and has great features that you can use to create and deliver your courses. Moodle is open source and free to download learning management solution.

Moodle was developed in 2002 by Martin Dougiamas, as a platform to provide educators with the technology to provide online learning environments that foster interaction, inquiry and collaboration. Moodle is supported by a global community of developers and users, so is constantly been supported by people who understand what users need for better user experience.

Today, Moodle is not only used in educational institutions but in corporate organizations- big and small, public and private sectors. Research has shown that Moodle is finding increased adoption outside the education sector and is making its greatest penetration in the small-to-medium business market.

Why do organizations choose Moodle?
In the most recent LMS 360° Report, members who tried or adopted Moodle report high satisfaction rates, low costs, and easy implementation and use. Ninety-five percent of the users indicated they did not intend to find an alternative solution.

In ten years, Moodle has already attracted a large and diverse user community. Moodle’s obvious appeal is that it has the potential of creating cost-effective online learning communities, in rich and poor countries alike.

With Moodle, organizations can:
  • conduct eLearning as well as classroom training programs
  • enroll any number of users for a single course
  • track the progress of each user effectively
  • access a grade report for each course, which can be downloaded in .csv and MS-Excel formats
  • generate course completion reports
  • facilitate recruitment of new employees
  • Learners, from all over the world, can take part in the training programs
  • Users can take course whenever they want and can resume the course from where they have stopped
  • Learners are able to access their course at anytime and location and on any device connected to the internet. 
The leading reason why organizations love Moodle is largely because it is configurable, highly-flexible and feature-rich. On top of being able to modify Moodle’s open source code, there are hundreds of Moodle Plugins that allow you to configure Moodle so it performs just the way you like.
With over 500 Moodle plugins developed by the global community, your learners, managers and administrators have the opportunity to flourish in an environment that makes learning collaborative, engaging and fun.

Would you like to deploy Moodle LMS for your institution or company? Kindly contact us to find out more about Moodle hosting, LMS training courses, and e-learning development.
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