How Instructional videos can enhance your online training programs

 As learning is important for human growth and development, so is training an essential part of workplace learning. Effective employee training is vital to the success of any business but one major issue workplace learning professionals are faced with is, how can they improve the effectiveness of these programs, such that the trainee actually retains and regularly uses the concepts taught?

The use of videos in training programs seem to be the solution to this issue. Video has several unique benefits to offer the corporate training industry. Video is highly visual. Many learners learn best with visual training. They prefer to see a concept illustrated rather than try to visualize it after reading page after page of text. It is said that people tend to remember 10% of the information they saw in word format after 3 days, whereas they tend to remember 65% of the information they saw in both picture and word formats.

Video provides a great level of interaction; It gathers your attention while at the same time teaching you something new. Videos generate a sense of connection between a learner and the contents of the course and it is this connection that makes him or her continues and completes the course.

 For training managers, videos are an indispensable asset because they can enhance and improve your course. You can incorporate a video at the beginning, the middle or the end of your course. You can use video to either make a powerful introduction to demonstrate your commitment to the learning objectives, use it for an exercise or illustrate the “how-to”, or summarize your key points in the course.

Do you have video contents in your online course or training programs? 

At Crystal Edge, we create and customize video tutorials and presentations with TechSmith's Camtasia Studio. Camtasia Studio is a desktop screen and video editing software that enables you to create videos by recording it from your screen, share the video on different platforms or embed in your online course. Camtasia is also a very effective tool for recording PowerPoint presentations either for teaching, sales or business purposes.

Camtasia Studio is widely and conveniently used by all kinds of sectors from teaching to marketing for many reasons such as, it is user friendly, has great and useful features for video creation and customization, is easy to share and has high quality on-screen capture which makes it suitable for any video platform.

Would you like to create video recordings or PowerPoint presentations for your courses, training programs or business presentations? We would be happy to work with you and produce that professional and captivating video that you need for your project. Kindly contact us today!

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