20 Websites Students should visit to make studying easier

Although these websites are not so popular, they can make studying easier and more effective any student. Check out these websites below if you desire to do any of the following:

To improve your writing skills

1. AskPetersen Writing Blog

Ask Peterson offers a terrific collection of tools and advice to help improve your writing. The Website is divided into sections like essays samples, resources and a helpful blog. The blog topics vary from writing a proper essay introduction to choosing the best time to study. even if you just spend a few minutes on the website between classes, you are likely to find useful information that can help you become a better writer. Besides, check essay writing services review section, where you will find helpful overviews ( for example EssayOnTime.com Review, Ultius.com Review, CustomWritings.com Review, etc) of writing assistance services.

2. Writer's Digest University

Writer's Digest University provides self-guided writing workshops. Topics include Advanced Novel Writing, 12 Weeks to a First Draft, Grammar and Mechanics, and How to Craft a Book that will sell, among others.

3. Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

If you want to become a better writer, you wll want to bookmark Grammar Girl on your computer's desktop. The site answers every grammar question you could possibly have. From comma usage to compound words, Grammar Girl has all the answers. You can browse through the selection of questions, or you can pose a question of your own.

4. Essays Capital

Are you having a hard time writing your essay? Are you overwhelmed and considering hiring a writing service to help? Essay Capital provides well-researched, high quality essays that take your opinions into account, and convey what you say in the paper. They also get to know your writing style, so your paper sounds like you wrote it.

5. Thesaurus.com

A strong vocabulary makes you a better writer. When you find the exact word you want to use, your sentence will make more sense, and your writing will flow more smoothly. Thesaurus.com lets you find better words for your writing. Just type in the word you want to swap out and Thesaurus will give you a new selection of words to choose from.

6. No Red Ink

No Red Ink is an innovative online interface that lets students improve their grammarand writing skills. Quizzes and questions are based on things students care about like pop culture, their friends, and sports. If a student gets a question wrong, they get immediate feedback instead of a bunch of confusing red ink that they will just ignore. Incredibly, No Red Ink learns as the student progresses, so the program  can suggest topics that need additional practice.

7. Grammar Book

Similar to Grammar Girl, Grammar Book provides a heap of grammar and punctuation help. But rather than formatting all the information in question and answer format, Grammar Book is easily divided by category.

To help prepare for tests

8. College Confidential

College Confidential helps you prepare for the SAT and the ACT, as well as generic preparation for AP tests. Through a series of forums, students get to communicate with one another and learn what they will need to study in order to be successful.

9. 4 Tests

4 Tests provides a big selection of practice exams for the SAT and the ACT. The best part is that they are free! You can also find helpful study information on the 4Tests blog and various study guides.

10. Meet the New SAT

This website prepares students for the SAT, PSAT10, and PSAT 8/9. The site includes the official SAT practice test from Khan Academy. Learn what to expect inside the new SAT and get to know the new scoring system.

11. Kaplan Test Prep

From this website, you can create a registration with Kaplan University and gain access to the official Kaplan practice tests for the SAT and ACT.

12. Shmoop

Shmoop connects 13 million students and teachers with study guides, practice tests, an essay lab, informational videos and career advice. If you are looking for a comprehensive learning and studying website, search no more.

To Collaborate with other students and Teachers 

13. Collaborize Classroom

Collaborize classroom provides a platform for students and teachers to communicate with one another. Students can get one-on-one assistance with assignments and helpful resources for improving your test prep strategy, studying habits, and reading skills.

14. Padlet

Padlet gives you a blank template where you can create a design, upload a document, or collaborate with others. Use the space as a white board to help with your study plan OR use it to build a presentation. In any case, you can work remotely with other students and teachers.

15. Edmodo

One of the best known collaborative websites for students and teachers. Edmodo provides a place for teachers, students, and parents to connect. Access homework assignments, email your teacher and get feedback on your assignments all in one place.

16. MindMeister 

Mind Meister lets you create mind maps that you can the share with fellow students or your teachers. This tool makes brainstorming in a group a lot more effective.

Students' and Educators' Blogs

17. Simply Charly

Simply Charly is a blog that discusses the most important and influential people throughout history. Depending on how you learn best, you can choose to watch videos, listen to podcasts, or read articles.

18. Mostly Morgan

Mostly Morgan is a fashion and lifestyle blog. However, the author (Morgan Timm) is a junior in college and writes a lot about college admissions, studying, test preparation and other academic topics.

19. Explore.Dream.Discover

The subheader of Explore.Dream.Discover is "Reflections of a world wandering college kid." It is written by Andrew Liu. a college student and aspiring entrepreneur at Harvard. The blog follows his academic career and the lessons he learns at school while traveling.

20. Dan Shipper

In his blog, Dan Shipper discusses entrepreneurship, startups, and the importance of hard work and ingenuity. It is a great read for anyone looking for some aspiration and entertainment.

So these are the 20 websites. Studying can be difficult and challenging but with these websites, you can now easily study, write and prepare for tests. With the support and resources that they offer, you can be sure to emerge successful in your studies!

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