5 Great Technology Tools Educators Should Use In The Classroom

With the new trends in technology especially in Education, it has become imperative for Educators to adopt new ways to make learning interesting for students. Although some educators who may not be technology-inclined may find this challenging, the internet becomes the solution!

There are various tools on the internet that can help Teachers organize their classroom activities and inspire students to get more involved but in this article we shall reveal 5 great tools that would help you enhance your classroom activities.

1. Writinghouse.org http://writinghouse.org

This website helps you to easily create your textbooks and journals according to the widely-accepted referencing styles. There are four (4) Referencing styles used in Writinghouse namely APA, MLA, CHICAGO and HARVARD; and you would be required to choose your preferred style. Once selected, Writinghouse would automatically take care of the citations and bibliographies and format them according to your chosen referencing style.

2. HowStuffWorks http://www.howstuffworks.com

This website contains lots of useful information on thousands of  topics and they are well explained such that your students would easily understand the concepts and find them interesting. Some of the topics covered on this website include Health, Technology, Science, Adventure, Entertainment, Culture, Lifestyle and so on. The Website also has a Quiz section for you to browse through available quizzes and use for your classroom.

3. Exploratorium http://www.exploratorium.edu

A Museum of Science, Art and Human perception, this website contains a vast collection of online experiences. Located in San Francisco, California, the Museum Exploratorium, serves as public learning laboratory and is open to anyone who wants to explore the world through science, art and human perception. If you are located within or around San Francisco, you should make use of the visiting hours but if not, then its online collections would be very useful to you. As students are always inquisitive, this website would no doubt make learning fun for your students.

4. Collaborize Classroom http://collaborizeclassroom.com

This is an online Library or Repository of Topic-Based Collaborative lessons. Access is free and you can create, share and/or download inquiry-based discussions on any topic. Lessons found on this website contain assignments, discussions and other activities that you can use to complement your classroom instructions. You can search for lessons either by using words or phrase, by subject, by grade level or user tags.

5. DoSomething.org https://www.dosomething.org

As a Teacher it is your responsibility to inculcate social responsibility in your students. They must be "community conscious" and must have a sense of responsibility not only toward their community but also to world at large. With the presence of the internet, you can reach out to different parts of the world from one location, hence this website is a great resource that can help you develop social responsibility in your students. There's a lot to be done and there's a lot we can do. This website is a perfect source of inspiration that can take students towards real action.

There you have it! With these great technology tools you will certainly transform your classroom from the traditional and boring experience to a more engaging, interesting and fun-filled experience.

Do you have any suggestions that you currently use? Please share with us and other readers in the comment box. We'd love to learn from your experience too!

Images were taken from http://www.lifehack.org

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